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Maya Stein

Maya Stein

every once and a while a writer comes along who knocks my socks off. Maya Stein is exactly one of those writers. her poetry blesses me, stretches me, reassures me, inspires me.  each time i read her work i have this compulsion to pass it on. to share it around. it feels somehow unfair to keep those words to myself. i love them too much for that.

every once and a while opportunities come along that make my jaw drop. having Maya Stein come here to Blackbird Studio on October 4th to lead a FREE workshop is exactly one of those opportunities. thanks to the just-go-for-it initiative of my friend Deb, Maya will be stopping here on her cross-country Tour de Word project. this is very exciting news.

take a few minutes, if you will, and watch this , to hear Maya explain in her own words why she would drive from San Fransisco to Peterborough to spend an evening writing poetry with us.

check out the workshop details below, then let me know if you want a spot saved with your name on it. space is limited, so don’t wait!



A Playful Investigation into Serious Writing

Monday, October 4th, 7 – 9:30 pm

Blackbird Studio, 485 Park St. Peterborough

cost: free!!!! honest.

RSVP: Raechelle Vyn //

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a practiced one, one of the persistent challenges of beginning any new piece is locating its entry point. Often, finding that opening is counterintuitive, requiring a less rigorous intellectual searching than a looser, more playful exploration. New writing, in fact, often asks us to look at our subject matter from a “first generation” point of view, with an innocence and curiosity rooted in the physical, tangible, sensorial world.

San Francisco writer and poet Maya Stein will be here as part of her traveling poetry project, “Tour de Word”  to facilitate a no-cost writing workshop that approaches the writing process through an intuitive, unselfconscious, and most of all un-rigorous series of activities.

“Finding a Way In: A Playful Investigation Into Serious Writing,” is open to writers of all genres, and non-writers as well. Activities will include short- and longer-form exercises that will touch on themes of structure, rhythm, language, metaphor, and finding inspiration. Participants will have ample opportunities to share the work they create.

The workshop is approximately two-and-a-half hours in length and is intended for 10-12 participants, but can also accommodate smaller or larger groups. To help set the stage for interaction and sharing, Maya is asking participants to bring the following items (in addition to paper and pen):

• a stack of Post-it notes

• an item of clothing they never – or always – wear (to bring, not to wear)

• a fruit, vegetable, or other food they identify with or feel in complete opposition to

• an item from their purse, wallet or bureau

• a title of a poem, short story, or novel they like

Maya has been sending out original 10-line poems to an email subscriber list every Tuesday since June of 2005. “10-line Tuesday” now reaches more than 600 people across country and around the world. As part of her “Tour de Word” workshops, Maya will be inviting participants to submit 10-line poems of their own for a forthcoming anthology. The deadline for submission is November 30, 2010.

For more information about Tour de Word, visit To read more of Maya’s work, visit

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  1. Paula Greenwood

    Yes, please, Rae…sign me up. It’s exactly what I want to do more in my life. To write.

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