let it always be known that i was who i am

it’s a saturday full of grey cloudy skies and chilly winds. it’s the last outdoor farmers market. it’s a fresh baked scone with belgian chocolate and candied ginger. it’s honey crisp apples and purple carrots. it’s creamy tomato soup. it’s earl grey tea on repeat. it’s a lady in a blue coat feeding sea gulls in the field.  it’s the day before a new art show. it’s poison ivy in the fall. it’s slippers and a sweatshirt. it’s the craving for a nap. it’s thankfulness and gentleness and feeling vulnerable. it’s a day for sheer sad beauty . it’s a day for sweet dance moves. it’s all that it can be, all that i allow it to be. it’s enough.

purple carrots.

purple carrots.

2 Responses to let it always be known that i was who i am
  1. Paula Greenwood

    And homemade spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove. Heat back on, finally and a deliciously quiet weekend with no expectations.

  2. Mel

    That Noah and the Whale video is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. I’m going to watch it from time to time to make me smile.

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