full immersion

felted body, no armature

felted body, no armature

my fingers have been so busy felting, i haven’t had much space/time/energy left for typing.

i started playing around with making felted dolls this fall. i started with solid, egg shaped bodies. then moved on to felting around wire armatures – which allowed for defined arms and legs, and some bendy-ness. which was fun. but now i’ve decided to try one with limbs but without an armature inside. this is my first attempt.

...and she's finished...

...and she's finished...

this particular doll was created by request for my friend jubes. lots of purple and pink was on the wish list. she turned out a bit bigger than the ones i made around an armature, and it took some persistence to not make her limbs too sausagey and somewhat uniform in size.  the hair is made from some deliciously dyed kid mohair.

fairy wings. and felting-too-long eyes.

fairy wings. and felting-too-long eyes.

i’ll keep fine tuning the form…i’m about to embark on another one. but there’s lots to be said for just diving in and giving yourself permission to figure it out as you go. be your own best teacher.

what have you been sitting around, waiting to begin?

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  1. Hilda

    that’s how I make cards….let the paper dictate what’s happening…always very fun.

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