head over heels.

Dreams for Weary Sailors

Dreams for Weary Sailors

i think i may have fallen in love.

i didn’t mean to. i mean, sure, i was on the lookout for a little eye candy…on the prowl, if you will, for some inspiration.

but i never expected to be so smitten. so distracted. so head-over-heels.

He Knew The Path Held Dangers...

He Knew The Path Held Dangers...

but i am.

oh boy. i am.

Shadow Play

Shadow Play

it’s the muted colors. the magical light.

it’s tall grasses and small people and shadow puppets on the wall.

it’s sailboats and big waves

and titles that feel like poetry.

this is what has captured my imagination and made me so weak in the knees for the artwork of Elly MacKay .

She wove her crown from the flowers that grew around her...

She wove her crown from the flowers that grew around her...

i stumbled on her work quite by accident the other day. knowing nothing about her, but just being fascinated by the images.

i keep following the threads to find more and more of her playful, heartful, creations.

the more i find, the more i love.

I'll travel with you

I'll travel with you

the fact that she is not only a Canadian artist, but from Owen Sound, Ontario (so close to home in the grand scheme of things),

just makes it all the sweeter.

i love when beauty falls right in your lap

and all you can do is soak it up and say thank you.

thank you Elly MacKay for making art that makes me fall in love. it is a good thing indeed.

2 Responses to head over heels.
  1. L.bo Marie

    it has a stop frame sort of feel to it! loooove.

  2. Rae

    she makes dioramas…
    so great.

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