makin’ things happen

over the last few weeks i’ve been to a few different houses-turned-art galleries, where couches have been pushed aside and walls and tables have been filled with one-of-a-kinds and handmade goods.

today i kept company with a dozen other art makers, transforming a local cafe into an indie craft marketplace.

a couple nights ago i sat cozied up in an over-sized armchair in a strangers living room/concert hall, just across the street from this little nest, while the sweet songs of Awna Teixeira and Luther Wright bounced around the walls amidst the chatter of neighbours and the patter of a little dogs feet.

and it’s got me thinking about people who make inspiring things happen in unsuspecting places. and it’s got me feeling proud to have friends and neighbours who see living rooms as concert halls and kitchens as art galleries and don’t let anything hold them back from spreading that creative love.

that sort of stuff gets me excited and grateful. i want to always be a part of that kind of grassroots creative movement.

i hope you do too.

sweet letterpress by the ever-inspiring jackson creek press

sweet letterpress by the ever-inspiring jackson creek press

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