15 reasons to say thanks.

1. wild leeks and the seasons first spring greens.

2.  weather warm enough to have the windows open

3. family dinners


this guy.
this guy.

5. sunday afternoon strolls

6. sidewalk chalk art and tree forts and kids learning to ride bikes and play baseball and adults who aren’t too grown up to really spend time with their kids and have fun.

7. found love letters

8. small words at the right time


grandpa's ever-ready harmonicas

grandpa's ever-ready harmonicas

10. Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions

11. a dog who prefers fallen trees to measly sticks.

12. wind

13. finding home in a neighbourhood full of back alleys and tall trees

14. the dawn that always follows, no matter how dark the night

15.  the spring that always comes, no matter how long the winter.

it always comes.


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