sometimes you’ve just got to say it



there are a million reasons to be proud of my family. i don’t write about them much because they’re a bashful bunch and i’m a private sort of bird. but sometimes you’ve just got to say it.

i’m blessed to keep company and bloodline with the finest bunch of people i know. they are each, in their own way, beautiful, creative, and full of heart. we all have large tear ducts and strong bones. we were born of deep roots and taught to live with eyes wide open. we are learning, always, still, but we love with a ferocity that is not to be questioned.

we have watched each other take big risks in the name of things that matter. from parents down through to youngest child, i think we’ve all come to believe in the value of taking chances. we’ve never been rich, but we sure know how to dream.

today this music video came out.

the lead singer is one gem of a man who also makes for one hell of a big brother. the release of this video is one part of him living his dream. and i couldn’t be more proud.

i think it is always an honor to see anyone in this life pour their heart into what they love. when you get to witness that in your own family, in the lives of those you love the most, it just makes the joy that much sweeter.


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