Winter Offerings

I seem to always be writing these letters to you in the dark of the night when my toes are cold. I suppose I should either become more productive in the mornings, or find myself some warmer slippers.

But winter won’t be here forever. I caught my first whiff of a soon-to-burst hyacinth the other day (albeit in the grocery store, not the garden), and I knew that spring was (slowly) on its way.

Over here at Blackbird Studio I’m trying to make the most of these cold, snowy days by spending hours wrapped in blankets scheming up new workshops for YOU to come and explore. Yes! You!

Check out the smattering of juicy workshops that are coming up in the next couple of months. It’s a cozy mix of favorite familiars ( March Break camp for girls, the Painted Floorcloth workshop for adults) and some brand new ones that are fresh off the press (i.e. my ever swirling head).

I’m really excited about what’s in store here in the studio over the next little while. But it will only happen if you come along ( trust me, workshops aren’t that fun if I’m the only one who shows up). So wander over to the Up and Coming section of the site and peruse the workshop offerings. Then go clear your calendar and put your cap of creativity and courage firmly on your head. It’s going to be great. You’ll see.

If you have any questions or want to sign up for a workshop, you can reach me at:

Thanks for your interest and support and willingness to foster a little more creativity in this sweet old world.


(“Flower Invasion” by  Kiersten Essenpreis. )

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