this is art.

lately i have been feeling like i haven’t had very much time to make art. i rented this little studio for the summer and the weeks pass and i feel like i barely ever get there. and i get grumpy and antsy and start opening windows for self-doubt to creep in, and start listening to those internal voices that tell me that if i’m not creating consistently, if i’m not focused and driven in my art, then maybe i’m not really that into it…maybe i don’t really love it…maybe i’m just fooling myself here…

but then i have moments where i remember that a big part of the work is in the living.

that opportunities for creation happen all the time.

that art is not confined to a studio and creativity is nourished through all sorts of outlets.

and while i still need to keep working on carving out intentional time to sit and flesh out ideas and “make art”, i also need to acknowledge and validate..and celebrate…the acts of art that are unfolding in my days, every day.

i baked a strawberry loaf last night. i took pause to admire the sweet crescent moon. i tended to my tiny garden patch. i sang along with Florence and the Machine and got my dance on in the kitchen. i snapped some photos of strawberries and enamel dishes and the way the hummingbird blue of the cupboards lined up against the chipped red and white of the counter. i drew a 3-eyed alien with a pearl necklace on a chalkboard wall. i penned some words to paper. i cut and pasted bits of paper onto bits of wood. i watched the clouds fill the blue sky. i kneaded dough.

and it was more than just good enough.
it was good.

here’s to living the every day art.

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Thank you!

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