which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes

image by lisa congdon

a list of gratitudes.

for a napping dog on an afternoon bed.
for the sound of crows.
for guitar builders and the hands that bring out their beauty.
for warm almond milk with honey.
for being in the right place at the right time.
for old friends who i never tire of.
for family feasts.
for eggs and potatoes and salad and earl grey tea.
for friendships that get better with time.
for the risk of love.
for big sweaters and warm socks.
for flowers that bloom in october gardens.
for sorrel and spinach and swiss chard and green things that don’t fade with summers passing.
for letting go.
for smiles with tears.
for neighbours who build things.
for strangers who still practice hospitality.
for markets and farmers and the friends that grow my food that fills my fridge.
for music and the way it says things that words can’t.
for maple trees in fall.
for color that leaves me with nothing left to say.
for wood stoves and wood piles and wood smoke.
for poems and the people who bother to write them.
for morning walks. and afternoon and night ones too.
for honey crisp apples and herb de provence goat cheese.
for my family and the way they love me and make me laugh.
for my heart and the way it has learned to heal.
for a town that has always felt like home.
for art and the people who bother to make it, and show it, and buy it…no matter what.
for fear and the things it has taught me.
for courage and the places it has brought me.
for glaciers and fjords and volcanoes and oceans.
for pastures and farmland and forests and rivers.
for dad and his fishing boat.
for mom and her hugs.
for a little sister who became a mother.
for more sisters and the best brothers
and the pure delight and wonder of george, our little monkey.
for the smell of fall.
for what waits around the bend.
for my sweetheart.
for the road that lays ahead.
for the darkness that brought me to the light.
for the shadows.
for the willingness to fight.
for mistakes.
for second chances.
for resilience and resolve.
for living quietly and living loud.
for the lessons learned, even the hard way.
for hands that can hold.
for bones that are not alone.
for the questions
for the mystery.
for this most amazing day, and all the ones to come.
for the blue dream of sky
for the chance to be alive
for all of it
for everything,

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