highways and hurricanes

when a week ago you wondered about a plan b
in case of freak weather
i laughed it off.
all i knew in that moment was unexpected sunshine, bare skin, warm breeze.
a day of road trips and fall wine and golden leaves.
i couldn’t imagine clouds on the horizon.

but last night, on that highway, with wind and rain that shook the trees, the car, these bones
i drove through the heart of that storm
that arrived precisely when we didn’t want it to.

fingers clenched, shoulders hunched, eyes unblinking
i slowly steered myself home,
while behind me planes took flight.

and i was reminded
that we never know what lies ahead;
that life is this awkward dance
of learning to be
at once both fully in the moment,
while at the same time fully open to whatever is coming next.

wind blowing
time rolling,
i’m still moving
i’m still right here.

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