what drags you back

april sunset

The Teacher And The Peach

“If you weren’t bursting,” her teacher informed her,
you wouldn’t need patience.” – Philip Roth

The sky holds thunder as a swimmer
gone under holds air, holds the fist
of panic inside the chest like the first
flush of rapture reined-in, the way grammar
exploits the onrush of language,
the way skin grasps flesh about to burst,
the way lust is engine, all piston and breast
as a dam yokes the river’s surge –
What drives you here? What drags you back
to displace again? What, if you catch it,
pulls you face-forward? What lull, what lack?
Wait, he says, don’t say it. Save it.
I won’t touch it. Don’t need to know.
Be full fruit. Fall ripe. And never let go.

– Joshua Trotter

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