it’s everything worth sharing and nothing worth explaining.








it’s the quietness.
it’s the crickets.
it’s the coyotes howling,
the way it makes my spine tingle
my heart tremble.
it’s refuge.
it’s uncertainty.
it’s waking up to the sound of rain.
it’s breathing air that feels real.
it’s darkness at night.
it’s all the things i’ve taken for granted.
it’s hummingbirds at my window.
it’s butterflies in the fields.
it’s the thistle cactus that stands so tall in the meadow.
it’s learning to let go.
it’s the rhythm of the seasons.
it’s noticing something new every single day.
every single day.
it’s bird-watching from the bathroom.
it’s showering under blue skies.
it’s frosty mornings
and campfire nights.
it’s simple.
it’s foolish, in all the right ways.
it’s one of the wisest things i’ve ever done.
it’s an act of generosity that i will be always grateful for.
it’s not a forever plan.
it’s a blessed right-this-moment story.
it’s perfect.
it’s exactly what it is.
it’s enough.

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