a girl and a ‘roo.

today i hung out on the beach with a kangaroo.

a big one. a grey one. probably the biggest, greyest ‘roo i’ve ever seen.
it was a big beach. a wild beach. a pretty much empty beach.
except for me, and the ‘roo…
(and D., but he was having a nap in the shade ).

Mr. Roo was having a picnic on the grasses that lined the edge of the sand by the big rocky cliffs.
I was rambling the shoreline and scavenging for washed up treasures.
i’m pretty sure we were both in our bliss.

we hung out together for a good while. he eating. me scavenging.
sometimes i sat down in the sand and just watched him. laughed at my good fortune. a ‘roo and me taking in the last hours of light on a beach off the Tasman Sea!

i smiled at him a lot. gave a few waves for good measure. sometimes he looked up and just watched me. i watched him back.

i thought about taking a picture. even had my camera in hand. but then i turned it off. put it away. what would a picture prove?
this was happening. in real time. in my time.
the picture would only disappoint.
you’ll either believe the story i’m telling you or you won’t.

a girl and a kangaroo on the shores of the sea.
both aware of the other, both content with their company.

i walked away with a pocket full of shells and a grin even the Aussie sun can’t melt.

bless the day.
i think i might burst.

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