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There were stories + typewriters + strangers + friends + cheese platters + children.

3 year old George showed up with his magnifying glass.

Memories were scribbled down on bits of paper and strung along a wall, becoming part of the exhibit.

Paper dolls were dressed.

Cards were played.

I felt a lot of love.

The museum felt alive.

It was everything I hoped it would be.

Thank you for showing up and sharing stories and supporting art.


In all the pleasure of the eve of the opening, my camera never made it out of its bag. Luckily D. snapped a few shots on his phone…a pocket size record of the night. You get the idea.


The Museum of Perpetual Memory is on exhibit until the end of the month.

Pastry Peddler // 17 King St. E, Millbrook, ON.

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