setting up house

Eddy Creak + Blackbird Studio are pairing up and turning the soil on a new Artist-In-Residence initiative!
From September until December 2015, I will be setting up creative house in the Eddy Creak studio. Eddy Creak is a presentation space for artists of all makes and models  in Peterborough, ON.
What does this mean?
It means for 4 months I have a fully functioning creative space to spread out in and explore new ideas from. It gives me access to more tools + more resources, and makes me a part of a larger creative eco-system.
Much of the next months will unfold organically, but I do have a few specific goals and notions that I want to unpack, as well as working toward one (or two! or more!) exhibits of some sort or another.

I have grand plans to make few plans, other than explore and create and keep doing the work, inspired by a new space and the possibilities that dwell there.

This Creak + Bird love affair is just beginning…only time will tell what will unfold!
To celebrate the kick off of this autumn residency, we are throwing open the studio doors and hitch-hiking on the tails of the well-oiled machine that is the Kawartha Autumn Studio tour. On Saturday September 26 + Sunday September 27, from 10-5, we would love to celebrate this exciting collaboration with all you studio-touring ramblers!

Come and check out the studio, explore the works-in-progress, and talk to us. We would love to bring you in to what’s unfolding…
Studio Tour Hi-jack! @ Eddy Creak
September 26 + 27
10 – 5
Eddy Creak – 527 Parkhill Rd W
Peterborough, ON
(parking across the street in Jackson Park)

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Thank you!

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