rain day in the tea room with lost things

Artist: Cybele Young

Artist: Cybele Young

we woke to rain on the tin roof and fog over the fields.

i was coming through the haze of a sick day and we we were both itching to roam.

twenty minutes down the road, heading south towards the lake, we found our remedy:

a dear friend


a cozy book store that still stands on its own independent feet


a red-carpeted tea room that brought thick coffee to your table in a silver pot, served chicken soup generously sprinkled with bits of bone, and ladled the sticky toffee on your warm pudding as though there were an endless supply.

we kept topping up the parking meter, smiled at our small fortunes, and hung around the books as though they were our new found friends. because they were.

bless the rain days and the sick haze, and the way they remind me to walk slowly, savour deeply.


p.s. the above image is from a beautifully delightful book that we stumbled on today called Some Things I’ve Lost by Cybele Young.┬áThat people create such wonder and whimsy in this life is one of things I am most grateful for.

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