dance kitchen revolution

i’ve spent the last number of days

thinking a lot about growing old.

i’ve spent a lot of hours

watching tired bones

fight to hold themselves together.

i’ve spent time remembering stories

from a full life…stories of fond memories,

stories of missed opportunities.

all we have are these moments.


the other morning i had to drag my own tired bones

across town

and force them to go to dance class.

i was achy and sore and exhausted

and the last thing i felt like doing was dancing.

but i went. because i felt like i should.

and sometimes the “shoulds” are my worst enemy.

but other times, they are a blessing in disguise.

and when the music started that morning

i started to move.

slow and stiff and resistant.

but somewhere in around the second song,

i thought of  the one that i love

across town in a hospital bed,

with bones too old and sore to move around;

the one with a spirit so alive, but a body that has never been able to dance.

and i realized i have much to be thankful for.

and i thought, what a gift!

to be able to move and jump and bend and spin.

and who am i – who am i? –

to say no, i’m too tired?

to live a life so ungrateful?

all we have are these moments.

i want to squeeze the juice out of them.


a little while ago some friends and i started sharing songs that made us want to dance. songs that got us up out of our chairs…shimmying, shaking, wiggling, stomping, swirling…

we called it the dance kitchen revolution. because it was all about turning those ordinary spaces – kitchens and hallways and backyards – into dance floors. it was all about following that impulse to move and let loose. it wasn’t about moving gracefully – it was just about moving. period.

i’ve been thinking this week that the dance kitchen revolution deserves another spin around the floor. and it felt like a good fit to give it a home here at Blackbird Studio – this space that is all about encouraging the creative impulse, the letting go…

so, in the spirit of gratitude for the life that’s still in my bones, i’m going to start sharing songs to get us dancing. but i want you to get involved too. this is meant to be a revolution – not a one woman show.  send me your songs – either links to videos, or even just the name/artist and i’ll try to find it – and once a week i’ll post them here.  and we’ll dance.

all we have are these moments.

let’s dance them till they’re gone.


i heard charlie singing on the radio this morning – he always makes me want to dance. so we’ll let him start us off…

let the revolution begin!

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