field notes and small poems

every morning this week the studio has been home to a group of six young writers, all between the ages of 9 and 13, all girls. we’ve been pushing pencil to paper, crafting poems, forming characters, letting ideas spill all over the page.

the words on the easel are those of Thomas King’s, reminding us that “The truth about stories is that that’s all we are”.

that’s all any of us are. stories.

so yesterday we tumbled out onto the sidewalk, pocket sketchbooks and pencils in hand. the sun was bright and we were a small but mighty group of inquisitive minds on a mission.

our purpose?

to collect stories.

we set off around the neighborhood trying to listen…to pay attention…ready to ask questions.¬† we took notes and made sketches and collected snippets of stories from people we’d never before¬† met.

when we converged back here at the studio we scribbled our findings in chalk all over the sidewalks, spilling our stories into cracks and crevices, making them part of the landscape of our town.

today we returned to those findings, those sketches, those notes and we pulled out small pieces and crafted small poems. 17 syllables that give tiny glimpses into the stories we saw, the tales that we heard, and the way that our imaginative minds make sense of the world.


I want to see birds

Chirping on their little branch

Sitting in their nests.

– ashleigh


Worked for thirty years.

He just loves his job so much.

Gave us guitar pics.

– myrae


Nature, sweet nature,

Clear blue skies, running water,

Small spotted sparrows.

– brooke


4 Responses to field notes and small poems
  1. hutch williams

    I love these poems..myrae’s is a beauty.

  2. deborah

    What a beautiful way to affirm, encourage the creative spirit to help young minds become more connected with all that is!! Sooooo inspiring!

  3. Mel

    Such beautiful words.
    What a wonderful collection of sights, sounds and story.
    Please keep writing ladies.
    Your words are a gift and so are you.

  4. David

    It’s wonderful to see young lives discovering important things about this life. Things that, after several decades, I am just now learning. Don’t stop the curiosity.

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