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Spring is here, and the warm weather is coming…but I’ve decided to try to squeeze in one more felting workshop before the flowers are up and the grass is green. Think of it as a chance to revel in the best parts of winter; to wrap yourself in cozy wool one more time before you put it in hibernation for the summer months.

On Sunday April 11th, from 2 – 4 pm, we are going to have a laid back felting session where you will have the chance to learn some of the basic wet felting techniques (which is very different from the shrunken recycled felting that we have done in the past), and work on creating your own felted hat or scarf (or other creative variation on those things).

The process is really fun – the colors, the textures – it’s like sculpting with wool.

My friend, Beth Sheffield, who is a new but fervent felter, will be coming to help walk us through the wet felting process. It will be an afternoon of learning together, figuring things out, and having fun with this yummy (and forgiving) fibre.

The cost for the workshop is $25 (or pay- what-you-can).
This cost includes all of your materials.

Space is limited, so sign up right away at info@blackbirdstudio.ca to reserve yourself a spot.

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