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Found letters and handwritten postcards; faded photographs that capture a moment, both ordinary and spectacular; old books that have long been forgotten; fabrics and threads that have ripped and worn. These bits of discarded everyday treasure are so thick with the stories of everyday lives, and those are the stories I want my art to tell.

Simple in form, I work with mixed media, often incorporating both text and images to create two and three dimensional pieces that are thoughtful yet playful. I am drawn to found objects, to words and texture, light and shadow, and use hand stitching and wax dipping to pull these different elements together. I like to create new relics out of old things, crafting pieces with enduring meanings and affirming human themes.

I am inspired by the tales that often never get told and the objects that capture the quiet truths of who we are. I am fascinated by how we tell the stories of our lives through the things we hold close, and through the things we throw away. Much of my work centers around themes of home – the creation of, the searching for, the letting go. Home is both a place and an idea. It is a notion that is ripe with expectation and longing, and one that often requires brave redefining.

Art, for me, is a journey, and all journeys eventually are about leading us home. I want my art to tell a story that allows the viewer to read themselves into it, believing that the story of any one of us is in some way, surely, the story of all of us.

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