Travelling Wool Show

Travelling Wool Show

The Traveling Wool Show

Here’s how it works:

1. gather a few like-minded friends, neighbours, co-workers, grandmas…whoever you like…

2. find an evening or a morning or an afternoon where you can all meet up for a couple of hours

3. clear off your kitchen table or make some space on your couch for everyone to sit

4. put on the kettle for some tea. or uncork a bottle of wine. if you’re feeling really ambitious, make some cookies.

You take care of that much, and I’ll look after the rest. If you have a bit of space and a few interested friends, I will come to you with my gypsy-wool-wagon, a needle-felting traveling roadshow (minus the clowns and bearded ladies). I will bring everything you and your clan need to learn the fun and easy art of needle felting. In a couple of hours you’ll all be felting away, lounging at the table, sippin’ margaritas…

It’s like a tupperware party, just way better. And instead of having to buy more plastic, you get to learn a beautiful new way of making art. No previous experience or special skills are required…just a bit of imagination, that’s all.



Email if you’re interested in finding out more about what this could look like, including cost, number of participants, etc.

It’s easier than you think, and more fun than you can imagine.
Trust me.



What past participants have had to say:

“Needle Felting, which we learned through Blackbird Studio, has been an amazing multi-generational craft in our home. It inspires creativity, invites stress relief, and promotes imagination. My sons and I have enjoyed self-healing, family time, and collaboration since learning needle felting and now my mother is interested in this art form. Thank you Raechelle for introducing us to this amazing craft.”

“I completely enjoyed this afternoon – I’m really drawn by the TOTALLY free-form nature of this craft – your imagination is truly the the only limit, and it was quite easy to learn the basics.”





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  1. Christine Monteiro

    hi blackbird! found your site while looking at classes offered over at needles in the hay. I would love to learn how to make some of those adorable felted toy animals i’ve been seeing all over the internet. would you be able to help with that? For me to host a session with you, what are the particulars re: max/min numbers, space, cost, time etc? Thanks

  2. Rae

    Hi Christine…thanks so much for getting in touch! I can certainly teach you the needle felting technique, and I’m sure we could figure out how you can start creating the felted toy animals you’ve been seeing 🙂 There are so many possibilities with needle felting, you’ll be amazed! For a felting workshop I aim to have min. 6 people (all ages are welcome!)…it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be done around a table or in a living room…cost is $20/person…the workshop is ideally 2 hours in length…i supply all the materials required for the workshop, and can try to arrange to have some available for purchase if that is something you think you would like. I will try to reach you via email with all this info too. The felting workshops are a lot of fun – I hope we can make something work for you. Feel free to email me at

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