in not so many words.

this weekend held a lot of things, including two felting workshops, one little girl’s art making birthday party, a whole lot of baking, one cold on the mend, one missed Julie Doiron concert, and not enough sleep.

the stereo played a lot of beyonce (yes, that’s right) and Lucius, oh and Grace because this song never stops being beautiful,and even, um, some of this… because that’s just what you gotta do sometimes, you know?

there were some good reminders given, like:
1. fresh snowfalls under mid-winter night skies are worth bundling up for.
2. hot soup is one of life’s finest offerings.
3. sleep changes everything.
4. art making is good. plain and simple.
5. kitchens were made for dancing.

took a few pictures to prove it all happened. little Claire photo-documented the art birthday party at the Gallery, so credit for the “eyes of a 6 year old awesome shots” go to her.











sitting here, on the far side of it all, i’m tired as, but i’m also ridiculously grateful. this life is a good life. even when it’s hard, it’s good. remember that, rae.

Crabbuckits and itchy bones

there’s always a million reasons to say no.

excuses are plentiful. strong arguments for why-not-to aren’t hard to come by. few will blame me if i just don’t bother.

it’s easier, you know…


what if i just said yes this time?

what if i dropped the excuses? focused energy on why i should, why i could, what good would come if i did? where would i be if i just stepped out and went for it?

life is short, you know…


it was tuesday night. i’d spent the day rolling dough and pouring coffee in the darling village bakery. i had a looming deadline of an art show fast approaching and nothing prepared. i had things i could be doing. you know – stuff. important stuff. practical stuff. stuff stuff.

there’s a tightness that comes with cold weather sinking in. and a weight to some of my days as of late. and, well, some tension/tiredness/ache from a rollercoaster year of living. yeah…there’s a pocketful of reasons for my body to be tired. and somedays i let that tiredness win. i pull out the excuses and my list of why not to, and i settle into the weariness and steep there.

tiredness and to do lists. you know?

but it was tuesday night. and life was feeling too short. and my shoulders were feeling like i’d been carrying it all around for too long. and i didn’t want to do lists. i didn’t even want tiredness. i just wanted to dance.


my bones were just itching to move. like they were fed up with being dragged around and wanted to let loose and stretch out and show me what they were made of. tired of being tired, i just wanted to feel really alive.

what if i just said yes this time?

yes to moving and laughing and stretching and relaxing and playing and forgetting and remembering and breathing…and living.

just say yes, girl.

so i did.

and on tuesday night, after a long day, i found myself on a dance floor with a dear friend, letting loose and letting go and finding my breath and feeling my heart (race, not break)…and i laughed and smiled and felt full of life…

there’s a million reasons to say no.

but life is short, you know…

the tuesday night dance soundtrack

k-os dancin' man

k-os dancin' man

let it always be known that i was who i am

it’s a saturday full of grey cloudy skies and chilly winds. it’s the last outdoor farmers market. it’s a fresh baked scone with belgian chocolate and candied ginger. it’s honey crisp apples and purple carrots. it’s creamy tomato soup. it’s earl grey tea on repeat. it’s a lady in a blue coat feeding sea gulls in the field.¬† it’s the day before a new art show. it’s poison ivy in the fall. it’s slippers and a sweatshirt. it’s the craving for a nap. it’s thankfulness and gentleness and feeling vulnerable. it’s a day for sheer sad beauty . it’s a day for sweet dance moves. it’s all that it can be, all that i allow it to be. it’s enough.

purple carrots.

purple carrots.

stir it up

today is all about celebrating the things that make you glad to be alive.

this man and his music have been bringing me to life for more moments than i can count.


i’ll celebrate him any day.

turn it up .stir it up

it’s not him, it’s her. and it’s good.

jackson5saturday afternoon dance session.

just cause it’s gorgeous outside

and the stuff that needs doing inside

can wait

a little bit longer.

you’re the harmony

the rain may come,

but right now

the sun is shining.

i’m gonna take that

and run with it…

maybe hang some streamers

blow some balloons

find a swimming pool

put this song on repeat

and call this saturday

a celebration.

just because i can.

happy saturday.

go live it well.

smiling goat

i can’t stand up

recipe for a great saturday:

1. click on this video

2. turn up the volume

3. follow their lead and dance

4. repeat. again and again.


can’t get no sleep.

a song for a grey thursday morning.

try not dancing.


whenever this starts playing on the radio

i start wiggling…


here’s to a long weekend full of


and breathing room

and songs that make your feet move  smooth like butter.

song for a grey day.

just because

trio tank top

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