where do their dreams go when they turn the key off at night

i just love this.

a shadow of blue


this little gem of a film is charming and beautiful in so many ways. it’s short and wordless and yet says exactly enough. lovely.


This Is My Home

This little movie delights me in ways I can’t explain.

This Is My Home

This Is My Home


oh hello. this is me.


it’s just one of those days that feels a bit heavy; and the sky looks kind of murky; and my body feels tired and draggy…you know…one of those days.

but then, in the middle of it all, i watched this and i laughed. and smiled. and laughed some more.

and that’s all i needed.

start simple.

when my favorite tanya bird first sent out this video poem a few good months ago

i watched it

and i wept.

and then i watched it again.

and then i watched it again.

grinning and goosebumpy and grateful.

i sing her artful praises again and again and again

because i mean them from the very depths of me.

her words are a gift to me.

this piece of beauty is a gift to me.

and now it is out in this funny cyberspaceland for all to enjoy.

so i’m sharing it with you.

watch it.

then watch it again.

then share it with a friend.

it’s that good…i promise.


be good to yourself today.

you deserve it.

you go chase them with a plastic cup


a little film

was brought to my eye last week.

using a poem by our friend Tanya Davis,

(and the music of our other friend, Tim from Paper Beat Scissors),

this beautiful piece of work, called This Tear is a Word,

is in the running for an emerging filmakers award

with the Toronto International Film Festival.

So if you have a minute,

give a minute,

and watch this.

Then cast your vote in support of an artist who’s out there trying to create

something honest and good…

(follow the link then click on the box for This Tear is a Word…then enjoy).

how did we get to today?

rae bike

with some grunting and stubborn resolve

i pulled my bike out of hibernation in the basement

this morning.

i rode into the wind,

found my way to the farmers market,

felt the creaks in my knees,

sailed really fast down a hill

and felt like a kid again.

thank you god for bicycles.

there’s a flower in my pedal.


it’s a gift to feel so much

it’s worth taking the bad with the good.


i’ve watched this so many times.

i love it just as much today as i did the day i found it.

so true. so thoughtful. so good.

stay hungry. stay foolish.

blue man

sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick.

don’t lose faith.

what does it take to fall in love with being alive?

canoe tim steve

i went and saw this film the other night. it tugged and pulled at my insides.

it’s been swirling around in my thoughts ever since.

little lines, pieces of thoughts…

…if you can’t befriend your own death, then how strongly in your life are you?

…what we all need to know is that we are not alone.

…the greatest skill we can bring to the dying is our capacity to be heartbroken.

…how do you live your dying every day?

i have all these notes that i  scribbled on paper in the dark while the film played. little snapshots to return to. to keep chewing on. there was so much crammed in that 70 minute documentary. so much more than i could take in or absorb.

i think the biggest idea from the film for me, the thing that i keep repeating to myself, is the idea that in order to really love my life,       i need to learn to love the end of it. in order to fully appreciate the gift, i need to embrace the truth that i won’t always have it.

some days i feel like i can do that.

other days it feels too big. too scary.

how do i learn to relax my grip?

when the waters are calm it feels easy to relax. but when storms blow in, when the precariousness of life, the heartache of death, are crashing all around us, how do we still hold this gift in open hands…?

how do we let go and not grab on?

how do we live gratitude, both in the middle and at the end?

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