and to think that i saw it on mulberry street

okay it wasn’t mulberry street, but it could have been…

some people grow flowers...

some people grow flowers...

i love when people let their crazy ideas spill out all over their front lawns.

thank you shirley for bringing some magic to my evening stroll down city streets…

...others grow imaginations.

...others grow imaginations.

this and that and the stuff in between.

i realized today that i’ve been pretty quiet over here in the blackbird nest. i blame summer for that. fresh air, warm sun, gardens, patios, campfires, books begging to be read…all these beautiful distractions.

i thought i’d try to channel all of those bits and pieces into a little package for you. a collection of some of the stuff that’s been catching my eye and filling my time.

just for fun.


by Fred Eaglesmith

by Fred Eaglesmith

in a couple of days i am going to plant myself in a field and immerse myself in good music and art and people at one of the most charming festivals i have ever known.

this guy is gonna be there too, which is pretty great.


despite the lack of rain and the sweltering sun, and although a bad case of blight took hold of a chunk of my plants, i have been swimming in a bounty of tomatoes this summer. i can’t pick them fast enough. i am eating them three meals a day in whatever creative ways i can come up with. today it was roasted over rye toast and old cheddar; pureed into a cold summer soup; and sliced up in a salad with fresh greens and roasted chocolate peppers (also from the garden!). i have started pawning them off on neighbours and  am running out of containers to fill for my freezer.

i am in heaven.



i just finished reading this book. it broke my heart and then stitched it back together again.



friends that welcome me like family

food over the fire

good music

sleeping outside



...just before the rain came...

...just before the rain came...



i met up with the guy behind this brilliant project at our local folk festival this past weekend. the whole concept got me pretty excited. ordinary people wearing ordinary people’s faces on their shirts, over their hearts, telling their stories. i picked out Anna. she likes eating gouda and watching wrestling. i’m actually wearing the shirt as i type this. i wonder if she has any idea that someone is writing about her an ocean away…


this last week has been rich with many things, not the least of which has been incredible music. the list of favorite artists that i have had the chance to see live in the last few days feels a bit surreal. songs are best when shared, so here’s a little taste of what has been the soundtrack to my week:

Mary Margaret O\’Hara

Royal Wood

Jenn Grant

the fan is buzzing. my skin is getting sticky. let’s enjoy these last sweet days of summer. they, like so many things, are gone too soon…

the air is thick with spring.

late rising.

overcast skies.

outdoor farmers market.

first crop of asparagus.

wild leeks.

fresh spinach.

eggs and toast.

murphy’s oil soap.

singing along.

breeze blowing through.

dirt under my fingernails.

warm sun.

spring rain.

smells like summer.

thank god for saturday.


the art of (self)preserving.

there are days when life feels rich and hopeful and exciting. days where gratitude comes easily and challenges feel manageable. my body relaxes, my breath goes deep.

those days are nice days.

but there are also days when life just feels really hard. when everything seems complicated and confusing.  when the challenges feel overwhelming. when it’s hard to conjure up a list of things to be thankful for. my body feels tense and tired, my breath rarely reaches my belly.

those days aren’t nearly as nice, but lately they seem to be coming around to visit more often.

i’ve heard a lot about the February blues. maybe i’m just getting a head start in January.

these sorts of days lead me to thinking about the idea of self-preservation. how do i get through the hard days without losing my mind? what can i do to help me keep my feet on the ground when tiredness seems to want to swallow me up?

i don’t know if i have come to many answers, but i have a slow growing list of ideas, things to try…

go for a walk. spend time in inspiring places. make art. read books. write words. create to do lists. make more room for people i love. nap.

today’s idea? remember the garden. the smell of dirt after the rain. the warmth of the sun. the hope of spring. that feast of beauty that i have to look forward to.

it may seem like a small little act. but maybe it’s enough. enough for today anyway, which (i try to remind myself) is all that really counts.

garden 2009 011


garden 2009 034

garden 2009 005

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