lazy sunday breakdown pt.1

Michael Kiwanuka
strata with arugula and parmesan and a side of greens
slow rising
whirr of fans
bruce-the-dog’s warm breath on my toes
the comfort of gentle words and hearts that love
good morning, sunshine.

the jar in the window makes tea while i sleep.

print by Nicole Ray

1. summer bike rides on the old red Road King. never have i loved, or ridden, my bike as much as i have this summer. i love it, creaky seat and all.
2. late night walks with the hot and hairy four-legged.
3. deep sleeps and morning breezes
4. iced London Fog
5. a garden growing green
6. metal fire escapes and the beauty of small and quiet spaces

a list kind of day.

1. bagels for breakfast. the good-french-dense-chewy kind.
2. the heat of the summer, the way it slows me down like molasses.
3. remembering how much i love Justin Rutledge’s No Never Alone album. 7 years old and never sounded so good.
4. en masse felting with a brave, if somewhat reluctant, group of women.
5. warm wind and beach glass and waves crashing against shoreline.
6. clothesline weather.
7. heart shaped pebbles and driftwood logs that makes my heart ache.
8. brave on the rocks.
9. summer skirts.
10. devilled eggs on the back deck. decaf coffee in the grass. gratitude.

early in the morning, when the church bells toll

1. orchestra of song birds singing the sun up outside my bedroom window

2. sad news on morning radio

3. the stillness of a dark room



15 reasons to say thanks.

1. wild leeks and the seasons first spring greens.

2.  weather warm enough to have the windows open

3. family dinners


this guy.
this guy.

5. sunday afternoon strolls

6. sidewalk chalk art and tree forts and kids learning to ride bikes and play baseball and adults who aren’t too grown up to really spend time with their kids and have fun.

7. found love letters

8. small words at the right time


grandpa's ever-ready harmonicas

grandpa's ever-ready harmonicas

10. Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions

11. a dog who prefers fallen trees to measly sticks.

12. wind

13. finding home in a neighbourhood full of back alleys and tall trees

14. the dawn that always follows, no matter how dark the night

15.  the spring that always comes, no matter how long the winter.

it always comes.


sunday, not yet noon.



1. rooibos tea with spiced honey

2. early morning walk with the shaggy four-legged

3. forsythia in bloom, the earth smells alive

4. beeswax melting. sunday baptism for a whole flock of paper birds today. they fill the doorways, suspended in anticipation.

5. thoughts on a town that sometimes feels too small.

6. reading these words on sweet mel‘s blog:

I have to keep flexing the muscle of gratitude in my heart,
because when it’s weak it just wants to fester in self-pity.

they fit just right.

7. arugula/tomato/feta quiche

8. sunday radio

9. realizing all this, and it’s not even noon yet.

dear hundertwasser, i could look at you every day and not grow tired.

dear hundertwasser, i could look at you every day and not grow tired.

things that never grow old

sun and lace on the green chair against the cream wall
sun and lace on the green chair against the cream wall

1. buildings full of books that help our hearts get lost in stories.

2. writing words on paper with stamps and envelopes.

3. mars bars.

4. red-bellied robins singing in spring

5. the smell of the earth thawing

6. walking home with the sweet old four-legged, both of us wishing to shed our layers as we loose winter from our shoulders

7. rain on the roof

8. the sun that follows the storm


sunday in 5 parts.

1. slow morning rising…poached eggs, pot of tea, perfectly ripe pear.

2. Over the Rhine on repeat. again.

3. all these words unwritten, unsaid.

4. needle felting in good company while the rain hit the window and the sky fell dark.

5. Tom Waits while thoughts wander, bones settle.


friday, late afternoon, july.

art bikes and benny zenga

art bikes and benny zenga

1. early morning rain in a quiet bakery

2.  apricots and raspberries and the taste of summer

3. the sound of Patty , making pies

4. finding comfort in repetition

5. the way the weather changes, without warning or hesitation

6. digging up thoughts of art bikes and winking circles and kids that inspire me to live fully

7. piles of boxes. purging. parting. letting things go.

8. the way the sun sets, slowly.

the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs.

a sunday list of small things:


so small and so perfect and so out of place.

so small and so perfect and so out of place.


sometimes music shines when you play it in a small room, stripped down.


small sanctuaries, stitched up with stories.

small sanctuaries, stitched up with stories.


brave heart, small girl, waiting for a big train on a tall bridge.

brave heart, small girl, waiting for a big train on a tall bridge.

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