lazy sunday breakdown pt.1

Michael Kiwanuka
strata with arugula and parmesan and a side of greens
slow rising
whirr of fans
bruce-the-dog’s warm breath on my toes
the comfort of gentle words and hearts that love
good morning, sunshine.

the jar in the window makes tea while i sleep.

print by Nicole Ray

1. summer bike rides on the old red Road King. never have i loved, or ridden, my bike as much as i have this summer. i love it, creaky seat and all.
2. late night walks with the hot and hairy four-legged.
3. deep sleeps and morning breezes
4. iced London Fog
5. a garden growing green
6. metal fire escapes and the beauty of small and quiet spaces

early in the morning, when the church bells toll

1. orchestra of song birds singing the sun up outside my bedroom window

2. sad news on morning radio

3. the stillness of a dark room




sitting in my attic near an open window, the conversation of two strangers who passed each other in front of my house, that just wafted up from the sidewalk below:

woman stranger: i’m just standing here looking at the crocuses. they’re beautiful aren’t they?

man stranger walking by: they sure are. too bad it’s so cold out.

woman stranger: oh, the flowers don’t mind it. she always has the most beautiful gardens here, don’t you think?

man stranger as he walks away: she sure does.

woman stranger: i just love it.

(this gardener girl, up in her attic listening through the window, smiling.)

you make strangers stop and stare.

you make strangers stop and stare.

this day opens

I don’t think it is possible
to want too much.
The morning isn’t even here
but already my heart is racing.

We can’t always make sense
of what we yearn for, but the act of yearning
is what keeps everything alive.
Even the silence of 2 a.m. is full of promise.

This day opens like a poem
waiting to be written.

Maya Stein


i like the way you think, i love you

full of anticipation of a weekend full of

good music and poetry and words

and the chance to share all that goodness

with you,

i’m starting this friday morning

with some musical love


Come join us on Saturday June 12th

at the Silver Bean Cafe in Peterborough

to see Tanya Davis in concert.

Doors at 7pm. Show starts 7:30pm.

Tickets $7.

and then wake up Sunday morning

and head down to Harden & Huyse Cafe

in beautiful Cobourg

for a morning workshop/performance with Tanya

as you sip your sunday coffee

and stuff your face with chocolate croissants.

Start time is 10am.

Tickets $10.

Who knew a summer weekend could feel (and sound) so good?

tanya bed

in the middle of five hundred flowers


a bit of a morning blessing of sorts.

sung by one of the sweetest voices i’ve ever known…

i hope you’re on your rooftop now in the sun

in the middle of five hundred flowers

and the warm wind blows your scarf around flying like a flag

i hope you\’re on your rooftop now.

morning words


Summer Morning


I implore you,

it’s time to come back

from the dark,

it’s morning,

the hills are pink

and the roses

whatever they felt

in the valley of night

are opening now

their soft dresses,

their leaves

are shining.

Why are you laggard?

Sure you have seen this

a thousand times,

which isn’t half enough.

Let the world have its way with you,

luminous as it is

with mystery

and pain –

graced as it is

with the ordinary.

– mary oliver

slow morning dance

let your body move, nice and gentle, into the morning with this song


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