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setting up house

Eddy Creak + Blackbird Studio are pairing up and turning the soil on a new Artist-In-Residence initiative!
From September until December 2015, I will be setting up creative house in the Eddy Creak studio. Eddy Creak is a presentation space for artists of all makes and models  in Peterborough, ON.
What does this mean?
It means for 4 months I have a fully functioning creative space to spread out in and explore new ideas from. It gives me access to more tools + more resources, and makes me a part of a larger creative eco-system.
Much of the next months will unfold organically, but I do have a few specific goals and notions that I want to unpack, as well as working toward one (or two! or more!) exhibits of some sort or another.

I have grand plans to make few plans, other than explore and create and keep doing the work, inspired by a new space and the possibilities that dwell there.

This Creak + Bird love affair is just beginning…only time will tell what will unfold!
To celebrate the kick off of this autumn residency, we are throwing open the studio doors and hitch-hiking on the tails of the well-oiled machine that is the Kawartha Autumn Studio tour. On Saturday September 26 + Sunday September 27, from 10-5, we would love to celebrate this exciting collaboration with all you studio-touring ramblers!

Come and check out the studio, explore the works-in-progress, and talk to us. We would love to bring you in to what’s unfolding…
Studio Tour Hi-jack! @ Eddy Creak
September 26 + 27
10 – 5
Eddy Creak – 527 Parkhill Rd W
Peterborough, ON
(parking across the street in Jackson Park)

The Museum comes alive…

Museum - R. Kennedy

Museum 12 - R.kennedyMuseum 3-R.Kennedy


There were stories + typewriters + strangers + friends + cheese platters + children.

3 year old George showed up with his magnifying glass.

Memories were scribbled down on bits of paper and strung along a wall, becoming part of the exhibit.

Paper dolls were dressed.

Cards were played.

I felt a lot of love.

The museum felt alive.

It was everything I hoped it would be.

Thank you for showing up and sharing stories and supporting art.


In all the pleasure of the eve of the opening, my camera never made it out of its bag. Luckily D. snapped a few shots on his phone…a pocket size record of the night. You get the idea.


The Museum of Perpetual Memory is on exhibit until the end of the month.

Pastry Peddler // 17 King St. E, Millbrook, ON.

Museum 10 - R.kennedy


Museum 4 - R.Kennedy Museum 5 - R.Kennedy Museum 6 - R.Kennedy Museum 7 - R.Kennedy

Museum 11 - R.KennedyMuseum 8 - R.Kennedy Museum 9 - R.Kennedy

The Museum of Perpetual Memory


The Museum of Perpetual Memory

art + collections + installation


August 3 – 30th, 2015

Pastry Peddler Cafe – Millbrook, ON


Once upon a time there was a little red hen…

(photo courtesy of John Marris)

Last night was the inaugural show of The Little Red Hen Collective at the lovely new Gallery In The Attic.

It felt good to be there – warm room, city lights, big walls full of art, so much history, so much new – and a sweet privilege to be a part of the show.

The show runs until October 13th.
Wander over and check it out.
It’s worth the climb.

Tuesday – Friday // 11 – 5
Saturdays // 12 – 4

Apt. C, 140 1/2 Hunter Street West, Peterborough

steppin’ out

i’ve been busy this last little while, lost in a flurry of art-making, trying to push myself a little more, stretch out of my comfort zone a little farther, commit to more goals and opportunities to show and share the things that i make.

this past weekend i was invited to be an artist in the Artisan Village at Shelter Valley Folk Festival. it was a good learning experience for me…a chance to meet and connect with a new community of people…another step in clarifying for myself why i do what i do and where i fit in this funny world…it was humbling and affirming and, well, pretty tiring too.

i decided this year to try to put myself and my art out there in the world a little bit more. if i am honest with myself, then i would admit that i have never really pushed myself artistically to see what i am truly made of. i have coasted on “good enough”. i have a lot of ideas i have never acted on. i have spent more creative energy supporting other peoples art-making than i have exploring my own. and i don’t want to keep living that way. i know that my best living, my best art, will happen when i am perched on that growing edge…when i am taking risks and stepping out…my richest creative work AND my bravest people work, will come when i am most alive in myself.
i know this.
so i am trying.

part of this process for me is going after opportunities to show what i do. there is a lot for me to learn about myself and my art that i believe i can only learn by letting it out into the world, facing the vulnerability that comes with that, learning to sit with those fears and insecurities, trusting affirmation and encouragement when it comes my way…

it scares the shit out of me sometimes.
but i’m trying to do it anyway.

so…all that said…

this Friday, September 7, is the launch of Gallery In The Truck ,a very cool week-long initiative as part of Artsweek here in Peterborough. Gallery In The Truck is a mobile gallery running out of the back of a U-Haul, that will be parked in different locations around the city over the course of next week. I am one of 10 artists who will have their work in the truck. Check out the website, or Facebook, to find more info on when and where the truck will be located.

then, on September 18th, there is the opening of the Inaugural Little Red Hen Exhibition at the brand new Gallery In The Attic, located in downtown Peterborough. this new gallery space promises to be home to many inspiring new ventures, and i’m excited to be a part of it (again, you can find out more info by checking out their website or looking it up on Facebook).

this is just a start, i know.
but a beginning is a beginning.
stay tuned for more shows and opportunities to come out and share in the art that i’ve been making. thanks for the cheerleaders that help me believe that my ideas are worth pursuing.

life is fleeting.
let’s live it well.



photo courtesy of Gallery In The Attic

in the shelter of the valley [ pt. 1]

art in the garden

the perfect way to spend this coming Sunday afternoon. some sweet art in a magical garden, raising money for good work. well worth wandering your way there…

makin’ things happen

over the last few weeks i’ve been to a few different houses-turned-art galleries, where couches have been pushed aside and walls and tables have been filled with one-of-a-kinds and handmade goods.

today i kept company with a dozen other art makers, transforming a local cafe into an indie craft marketplace.

a couple nights ago i sat cozied up in an over-sized armchair in a strangers living room/concert hall, just across the street from this little nest, while the sweet songs of Awna Teixeira and Luther Wright bounced around the walls amidst the chatter of neighbours and the patter of a little dogs feet.

and it’s got me thinking about people who make inspiring things happen in unsuspecting places. and it’s got me feeling proud to have friends and neighbours who see living rooms as concert halls and kitchens as art galleries and don’t let anything hold them back from spreading that creative love.

that sort of stuff gets me excited and grateful. i want to always be a part of that kind of grassroots creative movement.

i hope you do too.

sweet letterpress by the ever-inspiring jackson creek press

sweet letterpress by the ever-inspiring jackson creek press

Electric City Lights

electric city lights

electric city lights

…proud to be part of another great Gallery In The House show. Opening this Friday, running through till December 18th.

82 McDonnel Street, Peterborough.

supporting local artists does us all good.


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