song for a rainy saturday


i haven’t posted a saturday song on here in a while, but this rainy saturday sky seems to call for one.

yesterday, on a whim, i stopped in my favorite¬†little record shop here in town just to see what i might find. within the first few minutes of being there i found a jackpot of Townes Van Zandt , which was the best treasure i could have hoped for. and the timing couldn’t have been better – Townes will make the stretch of rainy days ahead so much more bearable.

so here\’s a favorite of mine, to help sing us through the grey skies.

may good things grow today.

we’ve got some beans

it\’s time for dinner now, let\’s go eat

Artist: Denise Jaunsem

Artist: Denise Jaunsem

because it’s playing on my morning radio right now, and it always makes me smile…

happy saturday.

if i gave you a wish.

this is my song for my saturday. sad, yes. beautiful, yes. blessed, yes, to have a day that can contain it all.

matt andersen

matt andersen

a wiser man


these boys went on a long road trip. they brought home some souveniers. this song was one of them. it fits me better than a t-shirt and says more than a postcard.

we were greeting the sun

the new

just because i like it

let it always be known that i was who i am

it’s a saturday full of grey cloudy skies and chilly winds. it’s the last outdoor farmers market. it’s a fresh baked scone with belgian chocolate and candied ginger. it’s honey crisp apples and purple carrots. it’s creamy tomato soup. it’s earl grey tea on repeat. it’s a lady in a blue coat feeding sea gulls in the field.¬† it’s the day before a new art show. it’s poison ivy in the fall. it’s slippers and a sweatshirt. it’s the craving for a nap. it’s thankfulness and gentleness and feeling vulnerable. it’s a day for sheer sad beauty . it’s a day for sweet dance moves. it’s all that it can be, all that i allow it to be. it’s enough.

purple carrots.

purple carrots.

road songs

birthday boys - photo credit: julio campos

birthday boys - photo credit: julio campos

somewhere on the eastern coast there’s a van rumbling around with four good men inside and a whole lot of good music. they are driving across this big crazy country for 30 days, playing shows all over the place. but while they drive, they’re writing songs. 30 songs in 30 days. and every day they are sharing a song with us.

even if that handsome redhead wasn’t my little brother, i’d still love the music these boys make.

from somewhere out in new brunswick, here’s song number two.

(and just so you are up to speed, check out song number one. )


wherever you go today, may you find good things waiting…

morning radio

i just heard this song sing through my little alarm clock speakers for the first time. and it felt perfect for my saturday morning.

if only my radio looked this good i might like waking up to it more.

if only my radio looked this good i might like waking up to it more.

may this day bring you something beautiful.

the journey’s longer than i thought

a wise old fool once said that when this man sings, you know you’re in the right place.

i couldn’t agree more.

and when he sings this song specifically, i feel like i’ve found home and everything is gonna be okay.

Van Morrison

Van Morrison

may you find that song today, that voice, those words, that bring you home…

decide what to be and go be it.

these brothers just crossed my path…i’m gonna keep them around.


for your saturday listening pleasure: Head full of doubt/Road full of Promise

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