the first time.

IMG_4576a full and busy and all-over-the-place week ended last night with my little brother’s wedding.

in a small sweaty chapel we all sat and witnessed love.

it was a good thing.

and the singing of this song was one of the most beautiful parts of the whole night.

love isn’t always easy.

but i’m pretty sure it’s always good.

your love will be safe with me.

Illustration by Casey Weldon

Illustration by Casey Weldon

i’ve been lovingĀ  this song as of late.

i’m in the mood to share today.

happy saturday.

a blessing and a song.

zmadeline hordinski

if you should find yourself today

in small, cramped spaces,

windowless rooms,

the company of distractions and uninterested strangers…

may the sounds of sweet music

greet you there;

may you be surprised by the beauty

and harmonies

that lay waiting in

unsuspecting places…

may today bring everything you really need.

we laugh until we think we die

i love this.

everything about it.

happy saturday.


stir it up

today is all about celebrating the things that make you glad to be alive.

this man and his music have been bringing me to life for more moments than i can count.


i’ll celebrate him any day.

turn it up .stir it up

it’s not him, it’s her. and it’s good.

jackson5saturday afternoon dance session.

just cause it’s gorgeous outside

and the stuff that needs doing inside

can wait

a little bit longer.

like a southbound train


this song makes me think of green fields, summer days, and smoky campfire nights.

go easy on yourself today.

you’re the harmony

the rain may come,

but right now

the sun is shining.

i’m gonna take that

and run with it…

maybe hang some streamers

blow some balloons

find a swimming pool

put this song on repeat

and call this saturday

a celebration.

just because i can.

happy saturday.

go live it well.

smiling goat

i can’t stand up

recipe for a great saturday:

1. click on this video

2. turn up the volume

3. follow their lead and dance

4. repeat. again and again.


try not dancing.


whenever this starts playing on the radio

i start wiggling…


here’s to a long weekend full of


and breathing room

and songs that make your feet moveĀ  smooth like butter.

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